Nerf Wars 2019

Nerf Wars 2019

Written on 06/22/2019
Pastor David

Join us for the 3rd Annual NERF WARS at Grace Church!  This is a great opportunity for families to come out and join us for a fun time with nerf guns!  Kids, parents, all are welcome to join!

Register HERE

Dates for the Nerf Wars 2019

June 21st - 5:30-7 pm

July 5th - 5:30-7 pm (Arrive early if you are a first time guest to help speed up the registration process.

July 19th - 7:30-8:00 (this is the last night of Vacation Bible School.  There will be a short Nerf War afterward.  Season scoring will not be counted at this one).

August 2nd - 5:30-7 pm

August 16th - 5:30- 7 pm


There will be snacks and drinks at each nerf war for FREE. 

Registration will be done online or walk-up at the event. 

Everything is FREE!!! 


About the Nerf Wars-


In 2017, we hosted the first Nerf War at Grace Church.  We had around 7 people on average, but we didn't let that stop us from having fun!  We utilized cardboard boxes for our bunkers, and though they were not the most attractive bunkers, it did the job and again, we had fun! In 2018, we continued with a second set of nerf wars at the church. We invested in a couple inflatable bunkers and wooden pallets.  As the season went on, we grew to 30+ kids and parents attending.  We had parents donate 55 gallon drums, tires, and pallets which made for a pretty sweet course!  In 2019, we continue the events with 10 inflatable, paintball tournament level bunkers, alongside those same barrels and tires.  We strive to offer an environment to families that encourages outdoor activity, teamwork building, and family involvement.  We are a ministry, and we hope that you will see our heart for you through these events.  So come on out, have some fun, get a blaster, and get ready for NERF WARS 2019!!!



Thanks to everyone that came out for the first Nerf War of the 2019 Season! We will have our photographer upload pictures as soon as she finishes them. In the mean time, here are the official scores and standings for the games. Make plans to be part of the next one, July 5th!
Scores and Standings for Nerf Wars 2019
June 21 2019
How this works:  Because students come and go, and the summer is busy, the squads will change from game to game.  To help get a "top squad" award, each squad will be unique.  For example, on June 21st, the Gold team will be recorded as 6-21Gold.  Their score will be recorded, and locked in.  The next game, July 5th, they will be known as 7-5Gold.   Their score will also be recorded and locked in.  At the end, which ever squad, 6-21, 7-5, or any other, will be selected as the Top Squad, based on recorded and locked score.
Most Recent Scores
Squad Scores
(Individual scores added to points earned for winning games)
6-21Silver - 17 points
6-21Blue - 16 points
6-21Orange - 15 points
6-21Purple - 12 points
6-21Yellow - 8 points
6-21Green - 8 points
6-21Gold - 1 point
Top Player for Each Squad and Overall
(Only the first 3 letters of the first names are shown.  Selection is based on individual points as well as how long they last in a match.)
6-21Blue -Coh
6-21Purple -Cal
6-21Yellow -Chy
6-21Silver -Dom
6-21Orange -Gio
6-21Green -Tor
6-21Gold -Cas
6-21 -Coh
Squad Rankings
(Squad) (Placement) (score) (Movement)