Small Groups (D & A Groups)

Small Groups (D & A Groups)

514 Union St Milton

From الثلاثاء، فبراير ١٩ ٢٠١٩ at ١١:٠٠ م until السبت، يونيو ١ ٢٠١٩ at ٠٢:٣٤ ص

A new small groups cycle has begun! Being part of one of our the groups is THE BEST WAY  to become a growing disciple. In fact, small groups are so vital that we often refer to them as D & A Groups--an obvious play on the acronym DNA. Our small groups are where Discipleship happens and where people are Assimilated (fully integrated) into the life of Grace Church.

We don't want you to miss out! Currently we're offering 4 different groups and 4 different studies, so you have practical options. 

Join one of Grace's small groups today and grow in your relationship with the Lord and in your relationships with others.

Contact the leaders/hosts above to answer your questions.